US makes Russia an enemy for its own sense of self

Bringing about a rapprochement with Iran, the US comes to the scratch of a 'hot war' with Russia, the American political analysts claim.

Scott McConnell, a founding editor of the American Conservative says that Obama may go down to posterity as the president instigating not only a cold war with Russia, but also a hot one.

According to him, "for official Washington, the Ukrainian ally it has embraced is buttressed by a coalition of Islamic militants and neo-Nazis, along with the various elite ethnic Ukrainians who have learned that milking the increasingly lush Washington-Kiev connection can be lucrative."

"NATO has ramped up its war gaming in the Baltic Sea, conducting a large military exercise called BALTOPS involving 5,600 troops and 50 warships. Doesn't sound like that much, but perhaps Americans should contemplate how they would feel about a comparable Chinese or Russian exercise in the Caribbean," McConnell pointed out.

Samuel Huntington, influential American political scientist, adviser and academic suggested in 1997, that the United States would need a new external enemy to mitigate its internal split. "If there is no Cold War, the rationale for major [US] programs and initiatives... disappears," Huntington stated.

So, the explanation may be quite clear, "America somehow needs Russia as an enemy for its own sense of self?" McConnell asked rhetorically. 

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