US State Department advisor: War with Russia to destroy America

James Carden, former advisor to the US-Russia Presidential Commission at the US State Department, claims that confrontation between the 'war party' headed by McCain and 'diplomacy party' headed by Kerry is in the offing.

Now they are joined by Gen. Joseph Dunford, who can become the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and who is encouraged by President Obama.

That is Dunford, who claimed that Russia is an existential threat to the US.

Dunford is also to advise further sending weapons to Ukraine. According to him the support is reasonable, and will make them 'able to defend themselves against Russian aggression'.

Carden believes, the White House may find out a way to withstand the 'war party'. And the deal with Iran is just the first step.

Carden notes, that the 'diplomacy party' may stop a rising confrontation with Russia.

He is also sure, that the current Secretary of State John Kerry knows that the policy of 'demonizing' Russia is an artificially created project.

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