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NATO is not to attack, but siege Russia

Information war that is going on, is no longer something to be concealed.

Independent military expert Vadim Fersovich says in a telephone interview, that no direct military actions should be expected from the NATO forces.

"Previously the Armed Forces strategy comprised active military operations, but now the whole world turns to the siege strategy. That is, economic siege, political, etc. So, during the coming years they will stifle, but not attack. In addition to it, the European Armed Forces are comprised of people, who don't have a will to fight," Fersovich said.

The current relations between Russia and the NATO states have seriously aggravated. The Russians also do their military service in the NATO, and they are not ready to bear arms against the Russian army.

"Everything we see is a political game of certain economic groups, that have to support their business. Nobody thinks of a war. A cold war is first of all an economic development of some corporations and smothering of the others," the expert claimed.

Fersovich highlighted that humankind is not capable of leading any war at the moment. "They can lead only proxy wars, what they actually do now in Ukraine and other countries. They just try to destabilize the state. It is much cheaper and doesn't bring any protests in their native land, where they don't like it, when their citizens are killed."

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