USA's new defense strategy names Russia, China, Iran and North Korea prime enemies

The Pentagon has unveiled a new national defense strategy, according to which "revisionist-minded" states and extremist groups are seen as main threats to the security o the United States.

The document on behalf of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US armed forces, General Martin Dempsey, was published on Wednesday. The paper states that the new national defense strategy was elaborated developed in connection with the need to counter revisionist-minded states that challenge international norms and extremist groups that use violence to undermine trans-regional security.

Russia, according to the authors of the document, made constructive contributions to specific security areas, such as the struggle against drugs and terrorism, but has repeatedly demonstrated disrespect for the sovereignty of its neighbors. According to the Pentagon, Russia is ready to use force to achieve its goals.

Pentagon officials believe that the Russian army undermines regional security both directly and by means of third forces. Such steps violate numerous agreements that Russia has signed to act in accordance with international standards, including the UN Charter, the Helsinki Accords, the NATO-Russia Founding Act, the Budapest Memorandum and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the US Defense Department believes.

As for other enemies, the US believe that Iran poses strategic challenges to the international community, while the DPRK (North Korea) directly threatens its neighbors, especially South Korea and Japan. To crown it all, the Pentagon believes that China's actions fuel tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, none of the above-mentioned countries, that is, Russia, Iran, North Korea and China, do not seek direct military conflict with the United States or its allies, the US defense strategy says.


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