Russia to bolster its forces in the west in response to Pentagon

Pentagon keeps provocating the Russian Federation as providing weaponry to its neighbouring countries.

The US has recently declared its aim to store arms in Estonia and Latvia, as well as other Eastern states.

Among the heavy weaponry to be supplied are tanks, Humvees, and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

Such a move would be unprecedented, and is still subject to approval from Washington. A 1997 agreement with Russia currently prohibits the US from positioning these weapons and vehicles in Eastern Europe.

Russian General Yury Yakubov has since responded to the move "If US heavy hardware including tanks, artillery systems, or other fighting vehicles does appear in some Eastern European and Baltic countries, this would mark the Pentagon and NATO's most aggressive step since the Cold War time of the past century," and further added that "Russia won't have anything else to do but bolster its forces and resources on the Western strategic theater of operations."

Of course, The United States doesn't have a monopoly on hot-headed military brass, that are currently refueling Cold War tensions. Yakubov himself publicly identified the US as the most significant threat to Russia last year, and suggested that they prepare themselves to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the US and NATO in the near future.

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