US focuses on Asia. New wars to come?

The US is leading a dangerous game in Asia, as redirecting its foreign policy towards East.

The new doctrine is called The Asia Pivot.

The US wants to surround that area of the world with their missile intercept system that could take down ballistic missiles that were responding to a pre-emptive strike.

"So the goal is to be able to threaten Russia or China with such a strike, a very aggressive foreign policy in peace time, with the comfort that retaliation could be blocked. This is an insane policy of course, as the slightest miscalculation is disaster not only for the two parties involved but the rest of the world," Jim W. Dean, VT editor, Senior Vice President of Association for Intelligence Officers claimed.

General Dempsey gave a hint when he began replacing the term "national security interests" with "our interests". The unsaid there was that the military was now fair game to be used in commercial market battles, another insane policy.

The Eurasian big economies, however, are not going to remain Western market "colonies" much longer and are integrating their economies, defense and particularly their banking systems to get into a position of creating their own version of a Federal Reserve.

They could then compete to create money out of thin air and that can be sold for real money and held as reserves just like the US has done all of these years to fund our debt driven economy, which the 9/11 coup and the War of Terror cranked up into high gear.

Would the US consider competition in its domination of the monopoly money business a major security threat, and use military to prevent?

As the United States military gets ready to hold a military exercise in Thailand, a senior columnist at Veterans Today says there is a "cold war" going on due to Washington's moves in the region.

On Thursday, senior State Department official Scot Marciel told a congressional hearing that the annual Cobra Gold drill would be held next year in Thailand, where the post-coup interim government is in tatters yet expected to restore democracy.

There is "no reason" for US to embark on such a military move in the region, particularly given that the Thai army is "quite capable of defending themselves", Dean said. "This is America wanting to once again put its tentacles in all of these countries."

The US aims to stay in contact with the countries' military forces for intelligence and government change through top generals, he added.

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