Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner, to send 400 US troops to Iraq

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama is sending even more US soldiers to Iraq to counter the ongoing expansion of ISIS. As many as 400 additional trainers will be deployed in Iraq to help Iraqi forces in the fight against the Islamic State, Pravda.Ru reports. 

The expected troop announcement was unlikely to silence Obama's critics, who say the modest contingent of U.S. forces is far from enough to turn the tide of battle.

One year after bombing ISIS in Iraq, Obama says he does not know how to fight terrorists

In an administration in which the aptly named US Freedom Act does precisely the opposite of what its name suggests, it was good to see that the semantic games continue. Obama was expected to stick to his stance against sending U.S. troops into combat or even close to the front lines, officials said, Reuters reports. And yet, he is doing just that.

While soldiers are better known as "advisors", a base is still a base, and as such the US is about to open its 5th military base in Iraq. According to AP, "the extra U.S. training site will be at al-Taqqadum, a desert air base that was a U.S. military hub during the 2003-2011 war. Establishing the training camp will require between 400 and 500 U.S. troops, including trainers, logisticians and security personnel, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because a final administration decision had not been announced. 


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