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US special forces experiment with smallest flying robot ever


A new UAV from Norway's Prox Dynamics weighs only 18 grams. The drone, PD-100 Black Hornet, can bear regular and thermal cameras about a kilometer and stay aloft more than 25 minutes, Pravda.Ru reports.  

The new drone demonstrated its flight skills at the recent National Defense Industrial Association conference. The UAV is launched from a small box that straps to a utility belt, which is also where the data is stored. Noteworthy, in conventional drones, the data is stored inside the aerial vehicles themselves.

The video feeds directly to a small, chest-mounted screen. The operator steers it forward, backward, up and down with a videogame-like one-handed controller.

The PD-100 has been in use for three years already. The drone has proved to be successful for reconnaissance activities in Afghanistan. It is the smallest flying robot that humans have ever created, Arne Skjaerpe, CEO and president of Proxdynamics USA said. 


Source: EntryNews.Com