Google Fiber users to face hundred dollars fines

A new service of Google known as Google Fiber gathers pace providing broadband internet and cable television.

The service that originated in Kansas City is expected to gain ground in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, NC along with Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA later this year. The users may benefit up to 1 Gigabits per second.

Consumers are clamouring for broadband speeds up to 100 times faster than the national average, but may have a nasty shock if they plan to use the service in order to download content from file-sharing websites and torrent search engines which infringe upon intellectual copyright.

The rollout of Google Fiber is reported to have potentially become a catalyst for an increase in targeted piracy notices. According to the publication, piracy notices are being automatically forwarded to users of Google Fiber, and not only include regular cease-and-desist warnings but controversial demands from companies such as Rightscorp and CEG TEK.

Rightscorp, for example, recently filed a lawsuit against two Comcast customers who both ignored multiple notices - 11 and 288 demands respectively, which may result in damage settlements and attorney fees if the firm can prove its case.

Demands for payment, often settled online, can range from $20 to several hundred dollars.

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