Pierce Morgan expects Obama to lead war against ISIS

The British journalist Piers Morgan spoke out on the military future of the US. Morgan predicts that the ISIS military campaign may conquer the United States.

Morgan underlines that the recent capture of Ramadi by the militants hints at further victories in Baghdad, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya.

ISIS is spreading "like a furiously mutating virus" that will not stop "until the whole Middle East is in their clutches," he writes.

"They will also, inevitably, try to launch big attacks inside America to act as promotional tools back home."

The capture of Ramadi by the US-trained and Gulf Emirate supported terror army - infused with American weapons - according to Morgan, is evidence "the current U.S. policy to defeat ISIS isn't working, and has to change."

Morgan joins the neocons and their fellow travelers who call for more war. Following the lead of the Democrats, he puts a liberal spin on his war mongering.

"Sometimes, as the world found with Hitler, the only way to beat such an oppressive, evil enemy is through might. But simply throwing boots on the ground at ISIS won't work as it did with the German dictator."

"Obama needs to step it all up a gear," he writes. "ISIS is winning. They must be stopped. Or we'll all lose."

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