Saharawi mother on hunger strike

Tabkar Haddi is a Saharawi woman who has started an open hunger strike on 15th of May in front of the consulate of Morocco in Gran Canary. She claims the body of her son,  21 year old Mohamed Lamin Haidala, killed by Moroccan settlers in El Aaiun, capital of occupied Western Sahara.

At a press conference on May 14, Tabkar Haddi explained that on January 31, at around 21.00, Moroccan settlers, shop owners next to the house of Mohamed Lamin Haidala grandparents threw stones at him, to which he responded with insults . One of those stones hit the young man's chest who fell to the ground. The settlers immediately started beating him and one of them stabbed him in the neck with scissors, which made Mohamed loose consciousness.

Tabkar Haddi said that the Moroccan police took over one hour to perform the incident log, as the young man lay bleeding on the floor. After the young man was taken to hospital in El Aaiun, where the injury was sewn by a nurse without anesthesia and without being disinfected.

Then Mohamed was taken to the central police station where, according to the mother, he was arrested without blanket or mattress for two days. On February 2 he was taken back to the hospital where he died on the 8th of the same month. The doctors refused to provide any written statement to the family and Tabkar Haddi ensures that the Moroccan authorities offered her € 90,000 to be silent and not claim the body of her son.

The family home in El Aaiun remains surrounded by the Moroccan authorities and so far the settlers that triggered this attack were not arrested.

42 years old and living in Tenerife for 10, this mother of three reiterated her readiness to die if she can not recover the remains of her child in order to be able to bury him decently.


May 19, 2015 -


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