French mayor forced into mental hospital for his tweets

Mayor of a French town of Venelles has been put to a mental hospital for his tweets.

Robert Chardon is reported to being put to a mental hospital by force after entering into discussion with the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Chardon claimed that the Muslim cult should be banned in France, and the Republic should favour the Christian faith. Legal procedure was set on the case.

Chardon had been struggling with mouth cancer and underwent special cancer treatment. His relatives claimed that he had lost his mind.

Chardon has been detained and put into a mental hospital by a third party for the reason of speech incoherence.

While those who disparage or merely criticize the religion of Islam are finding themselves under increasing scrutiny in Europe, some countries are extending political correctness to the point of directly aiding ISIS jihadists.

At least 32 Danish citizens who are fighting alongside Islamic State terrorists in Syria have received welfare unemployment benefits of around 378,000 kroner (US$57,000) each.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, some politicians are calling for ISIS terrorists to be reintegrated into society and given jobs - at taxpayer expense - upon their return from Iraq and Syria.

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