The US-ISIS cooperation

Despite all allegations of the US Ministry of Defence on fighting the ISIS, the real threat turns out to come from the US itself.

The US military bombs strike civilians in Iraq and Syria instead, while the US Pentagon officials lie to justify their wars.

Last Saturday the Pentagon was celebrating the news that in a daring rare raid inside Syria US Army Delta Force Commandos had killed the Islamic State leader Abu Sayyaf, captured his wife as prisoner and allegedly obtained "a treasure trove" of Islamic State intelligence data. However, Abu Sayyaf is not on any list of top-line IS leaders, nor has a price on his head for his capture or death and is considered only a mid-level player. He is believed to have been a key IS fundraiser selling black market oil to America's so called prime ally in the region Turkey. Until last July IS was making a cool million a day off oil sales.

The US led air campaign since last August has taken a serious bite out of oil profits by destroying jihadist controlled refineries inside Syria. However, independent media also contends that the US and Israeli jet fighters have destroyed Assad government refineries and grain storage silos that hurt both the Syrian government and the nation's people.

The US led coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq have failed to stop the Islamic State's expansion. Four months ago it was noted that since the US air campaign began last August, the Islamic State has doubled its space in Syria, controlling more than one third of the country's territory. In the same way that the US predator drone warfare policy has only caused more hatred against America in the nations it's been deployed against in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, the same reverse effect is occurring in Syria where residents are increasingly sympathetic to Islamic State.

Additionally, Syrian opposition groups bitterly complain that the US led coalition forces fail to coordinate dropping bombs with the rebels, thus not permitting them any tactical advantage in driving IS back. It's as if the air strikes are more for show than to actually neutralize the enemy.

Perhaps that's because the US air strikes really are a slight of hand exercise to placate the world. Evidence of US and British flying in unmarked helicopters conducting covert air drops of food, arms and medical supplies to waiting Islamic State fighters on the ground have repeatedly been noted by both Iraqi and Iranian sources. 455 and 66 civilians have been killed in Iraq and Syria respectively.

Apparently the concentrated bombing campaign has failed to even slow down the pouring of young Westerners into Syria and Iraq to fight as Islamic jihadists. A UN report recently disclosed that over 25,000 Islamic State fighters arrived just since June last year in Syria, Iraq and Yemen from over 100 countries.

That said, there exists too much overwhelming evidence to prove that the Islamic State is the US Empire's latest creation of a designated enemy to propagate unending global war and destruction in all resource rich regions on earth.

Now with the latest setbacks in Mosul and Ramadi, US Empire has finagled its permanent military foothold in both Iraq with 3000 US soldiers and Afghanistan (another near 10,000 US troops with more NATO forces due to arrive) securing the near guaranteed prospect of maintaining perpetual war in both nations.

The globalist agenda has long been to extract oil and precious resources until they're all gone while keeping both occupied and "unoccupied" nations as weakened failed states.

Only Russia and China and its allies Iran, war torn Syria, North Korea and Cuba and a lesser extent Venezuela have managed to resist total domination by Empire hegemony. But of course they have been relentlessly attacked by US propaganda and lies to demonize them as Western enemies along with punishment by unending economic sanctions.

Yet despite these geopolitical, armament, cyber and currency wars all raging hotter than ever, the United States as a world power finds itself in rapid decline while its Western economy edges ever closer to complete collapse, leaving all the so called US enemies the global victors as the last ones standing.

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