ISIS to open luxury hotel in Iraq. 'List of services' includes stoning to death and beheadings

Also read: A Russian response strategy on ISIS Muslim extremists are opening a hotel in the Iraqi city of Mosul. In the hotel, there are polished marble floors and a beautiful garden. However, there is a whole set of rules that any guest has to follow not to be either crucified or stoned to death.

In building the new "caliphate," ISIS intends to restore the Muslim world to the glory of its massive former kingdoms.

In Iraq and Syria the extremist group continues running a campaign of barbaric cruelty. They torture civilians, impose harsh and oftentimes arbitrary punishments based on Islamic fundamentalism, and plot further expansion.

Surprisingly enough, ISIS has worked hard to restore a luxury hotel in Mosul, Iraq. All of the traditional ISIS rules will be in action when the hotel opens. The list of rules to stay at the ISIS hotel includes: no homosexuals, no unmarried couples and no women, preferably. If a woman stays at the hotel, she is not allowed to show her skin. At the hotel, there will be no drinking, dancing, smoking, or gambling.

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