Rioting in Baltimore: CNN and RT reports - feel the difference

Atrocities in Baltimore started minutes after the police state curfew went into effect in Baltimore Saturday night. However, the media coverage of the violent actions varies depending on what company is telling the story. 

For example, when CNN covered the arrest of a black man, the video report began with the footage of a semi-conscious man laying on the ground with a reporter speculating on the possibility of the man faking his unconsciousness.

Rioting in Baltimore: CNN and RT reports - feel the difference

The reporter then describes how bottles were being thrown at police and that this arrest could be related.

The second video of the same arrest comes from Russia Today. The no comment video depicts the actual story more accurately.

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In the RT video, an apparently angry, but non-violent and unarmed protester begins yelling at police. He is then met with a pepper spray blast at near point blank range, directly in his face.

Surpringly, the man shows no reaction to the blast of spray. Afterwards, one of the officers runs behind the man grabbing his dreadlocks and slamming him to the ground. When the man goes down, it becomes apparent that the pepper spray is indeed, taking its toll.

After the crowd sees this unnecessary escalation of force by police, they become angry, and many of them were then sprayed as well. At this point, the bottles begin to fly at officers; after the police, not protesters initiated conflict.

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