Intercept: Western victims are endlessly mourned, others are ignored. Keys of propaganda warfare

British-Yemeni journalist Abubakr Al-Shamahi said: "It makes me angry that non-Western civilian victims of drone strikes are not given the same recognition by the US administration." Independent journalist Naheed Mustafasaid she was "hugely irritated by the 'drone strikes have killed good Westerners so now we know there are issues with drones' stories." The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson this morning observed: "It is all too easy to ignore ... the dubious morality of the whole enterprise - until the unfortunate victims happen to be Westerners. Only then does 'collateral damage' become big news and an occasion for public sorrow."When Western people are killed in drone attacks, Western publications explode in critical coverage of the news. However, if victims are presumably Muslims, they report it as plain every day news report that hardly deserves attention

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The West, Syria and Libya

The above quotes expose the ugliest propaganda tactic on which the War on Terror centrally depends, one in which the U.S. media is fully complicit. If Muslims commit acts of violence against  American or Western people, victims would be endlessly mourned. At the same time, if Americans or Westerners commit acts of violence against Muslims, Muslim victims would just be ignored. 

If a Muslim individual attacks Westerners in Paris, Sydney, Ottawa, Fort Hood or Boston, we are deluged with grief-inducing accounts of the victims. We learn their names and their extinguished life aspirations, see their pictures, hear from their grieving relatives, watch ceremonies honoring their lives and mourning their deaths, launch campaigns to memorialize them.

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