Obama admits ISIL appeared because of US aggression in Iraq

US President Barack Obama, talking to Vice News, spoke about his vision of the US role in the formation of the Islamic State terrorist group. Obama said bluntly that the United States was involved in the creation of the group.

"ISIL is a direct outgrowth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion, which is An example of unintended consequences, which is why we should generally aim before we shoot," Obama said.

The US president said later that the US actions in Iraq after the 9/11 attacks were unintentional and added that he did not expect they would cause such aggression on the part of local militants that it would lead to the creation of new armed groups, Pravda.Ru reports. 

Obama also said that Washington and the international coalition would continue fighting terrorists, including in Iraq as well.

The Iraqi government has repeatedly accused the US of destroying peace in the territory. However, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey recommended pro-American military commanders in Iraq to closely monitor the actions of the government army and its members, who accused the United States of aiding ISIL, Pravda.Ru reports.


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