Canada shooting: Latest. Islamic State?

Two people dead, one guard and one gunman, Ottawa locked down, in shock, is the result of Wednesday October 22, a day the Canadian capital will never forget. There are suspicions that there is another person involved in the shootings who could still be on the loose.

The first shooting incident took place at the Canada War Memorial, near the Parliament building, in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. The second shooting incident took place inside the Parliament building itself.

In the first, a Canadian soldier - a guard - was shot this Wednesday morning, apparently in the back, at the Canadian War Memorial. Other soldiers ran to help but he later died from his wounds. He has been identified as Corporal Nathan Cirillo. In the second, a gunman entered Parliament building, and as shots echoed round the building, the city went into shock. The gunman was shot dead by a security official and even as this article goes to Press, the police are still searching the city for possible accomplices.

The gunman was shot outside the Members of Parliament's caucus rooms, where they were in discussion. The identification of the gunman is at present "male", and there is a name referred but this is being investigated as being a possible alias. The Canadian authorities have not dismissed the possibility that this was a terrorist attack, possibly linked to Islamic State.

On Monday, a Canadian soldier was mortally wounded when he was run over by a radicalized Moslem, who was shot dead after the incident.

Today the reports of a gunfight at a shopping center turned out to be false.