Ukraine eliminates X-22 cruise missiles

Ukraine started eliminating X-22 air-based cruise missiles inherited by it from the former USSR.

According to the information provided by the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the first missile of that type was eliminated on Wednesday at the Ozernoye military aerodrome in the Zhitomir region.

In the course of two and a half years Ukraine plans to eliminate in total 225 missiles of that type as well as 31 heavy TU-22 bombers.

Presently the aircraft are stationed at military aerodromes in Nikolayev and Poltava. The first aircraft will be destroyed on 12 November.

By the end of the present year 30 X-22 missiles and 6 bombers will be destroyed.

Elimination operations are financed with resources allocated by the American government within the framework of the agreement signed on 25 November 1993 between Ukraine and the USA "On provision of assistance to Ukraine to eliminate strategic nuclear weapons and to prevent proliferation of mass destruction weapons." The contract for the works was signed in July this year between the threat Reduction Agency of the US Defense department and the Ration Technical Service Company.

Immediate elimination works are carried out by the state "Ukrainian Air Transport Company" enterprise of the Defense Ministry.

Earlier Ukraine eliminated 38 TU-160 and TU-95MC aircraft as well as 487 air-based X-55 cruise missiles.

Out of the total amount of bombers Ukraine transferred to Russia 8 TU-160 and 3 TU-95MC aircraft, as well as 581 missiles.