Google City Appears on Map of Kansas

Whereas, the city of Topeka, Kan., has renamed itself Google, Kan.; and whereas, the move is a shameless stunt to become one of the test sites for the Mountain View company's superfast broadband project; and whereas, I really can't believe I'm saying this, but you do have to hand it to them.

Now therefore, let's proclaim that Google (the company) should just build a broadband project in Google (the city). Any place so eager and earnest really deserves it.

"I thought it was fun and would be interesting and would make us a little different from some of the other cities," says Topeka Mayor William W. Bunten, who this week issued the proclamation changing the city's name for the month of March. "Hopefully, the people at Google have a sense of humor," San Jose Mercury News reports.

So give Mayor Bill Bunten some credit for coming up with this idea, which is bringing a little bit of press to the Sunflower State.

The City Council approved the name change to attract Google's attention. The company wants to build a number of superfast broadband networks across America. Topeka wants to be one of the first test cities to benefit from Google's technology, Kansas City Star reports.

Topeka has tried this gimmick before. In August 1998, the city changed its name to "ToPikachu" after the Pokemon character.

Other municipalities have gotten into the Internet name game. Halfway, Ore., earned its spot in dot-com history by renaming itself in 1999 in exchange for $100,000, school computers and other benefits, The Los Angeles Times informs.