Israeli Planes Strike Gaza Tunnels and Building

Israeli planes carried out strikes on tunnels used for smuggling along the Gaza-Egypt border and a building east of Gaza city on Saturday, causing damage but no casualties, security forces and the Israeli military said.

An Israeli military spokesman said the operation was in response to the firing of a rocket and a mortar shell into Israel by militants late on Friday. Both landed in open ground.

"The aircraft struck two tunnels and a building that housed a munitions workshop. The air strikes are in response to what has become the daily launching of rockets and mortars into Israel," the Israeli army spokesman said.

A Hamas security official also said two tunnels were targeted and the building that was hit was a marble factory. He said there were no casualties, Reuters informs.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Prof. Gabriela Shalev wrote in the complaint that 13 rockets and mortars had been fired towards Israel in September alone, this in addition to multiple attempts by Palestinian terrorists to infiltrate Israel.

Shalev urged the UN to condemn the attacks and said Israel would continue to defend itself. sraeli aircraft struck a number of smuggling tunnels in Gaza this week in retaliation to the rocket attacks on the Negev, Ynetnews informs.