National Cowboy Museum in US unveils larger-than-life statue of John Wayne

Actor John Wayne, whose roles turned him into the most well-known cowboy in Hollywood, has been honored on the 100th anniversary of the year of his birth with a larger-than-life bronze statue at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

Two of Wayne's grandchildren, Anita LaCava Swift and Nick Kuhle, attended the unveiling Saturday of the 8-foot, 8-inch (2.4-meter) statue depicting the actor holding a rifle in his left hand and wearing a gun belt and holster.

"It's always an amazing thing for our family whenever we get to be out among his fans because he's almost been dead for 30 years, but there are 3-year-old children who come up to me and tell me how much they love him," Swift said.

Sculptor Edward J. Fraughton said he modeled the statue after the middle years of Wayne's career.

Wayne was a leader of the museum and served as a trustee from the museum's opening in 1965 until his death in 1979.