Pittsburgh black population is of the poorest according to report

The black population of Puttsburgh is one of the poorest in the nation, according to an in-depth report.

The University of Pittsburgh report, touted as the most comprehensive ever done on multiple races in Pittsburgh, brings to light the vast disparities in wealth, income and quality of life between blacks and whites in the city and its suburbs.

The broad differences in income between blacks and whites in the region whites' median annual income exceeds that of blacks by more than $10,000 (EUR7,428) is a symptom of other disparities, including the high rate of black children who live in households headed by single women.

Only about one-quarter of black women in the region are married, leaving about 70 percent of children to grow up in single-family homes. In addition, researchers believe the highly segregated nature of the region compounds the problems.

In Pittsburgh, 17 percent of black men are unemployed, compared with 12 percent nationwide. White men in Pittsburgh have an unemployment rate of about 8 percent in Pittsburgh and 4 percent nationally, according to the report released by the Center on Race and Social Problems.