81-year old Los Angeles woman found living with about 120 pet rats

A 81-year-old woman was hospitalized with multiple bites and police officers seized more than 100 pet rats, dozens of rabbits and other animals including several birds from her home.

"The woman had no food in the house for herself and seemed disoriented," said Annette Ramirez, an officer with the city's Animal Services Department. "Her arms were covered with open wounds apparently caused by animal bites."

Animal control officers discovered the scene while investigating a report Monday of unkempt conditions at a home in suburban Wilmington. In all, they found about 120 rats, 25 rabbits, six parakeets, a dog, a quail and a cockatiel, she said.

The woman, identified as Wanda Langstom, was overwhelmed by how quickly the rats reproduced, Ramirez said.

"She said it just started with two but it got out of hand," Ramirez said.

Most of the animals were in fair condition, but two rabbits needed medical attention. They will all be available for adoption after being treated by a veterinarian, she said.