Zmuda's Comic Relief donates $155,000 to Tahoe animal shelter

Comic Relief, founded 20 years ago to help the homeless, has donated $155,000 (EUR115,360) to help an animal shelter as part of its Hurricane Katrina relief effort, group founder Bob Zmuda said.

Katrina left tens of thousands of pets homeless, and some of them will be available for adoption at El Dorado County Animal Shelter after the project is completed in November.

Plans call for an expansion of the shelter by 700 square feet (65 square meters), as well as improved kennels and additional parking.

Officials said one animal at a time will be brought to the facility from shelters on the Gulf Coast. When one pet is adopted, another will be sent to the shelter.

"Animal groups across the nation have contacted Comic Relief, but I'd rather see the funds work in my own community," said Zmuda. "My house is five minutes from here."