Shilpa Shetty to dance at Bollywood awards in Britain

Shilpa Shetty, popular Indian actress, is set to groove to Bollywood dance numbers at the Indian movie industry's biggest awards ceremony in Britain, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Shetty said she was thrilled to showcase Bollywood's song and dance before a British audience at the Hindi film industry's International Indian Film Awards ceremony in Yorkshire next month.

"I am planning to perform to all the top songs of the year. I want to show the whole of England what Bollywood song and dance is all about," she told Mumbai-based DNA newspaper. "It's definitely going to be an exciting experience."

The annual film awards, often referred to as "Bollywood's Oscars," were created seven years ago and are presented outside India to promote Indian films to an international audience. Earlier ceremonies have been held in the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, London and Singapore.

Shetty, 31, has acted in more than 40 Bollywood movies since her 1993 debut. Her latest movie release "Metro" is a Hindi-language film about careers pushing love to second place.

Already well-known in India, Shetty became an international star after winning the British reality show "Celebrity Big Brother."

She was also in the news this last month after Hollywood actor Richard Gere embraced and kissed her on her cheek at a public AIDS awareness event leading some Hindu activists to file obscenity cases against the pair, including one where a judge issued an arrest warrant for Gere.

India's Supreme Court has temporarily suspended the arrest warrant and all legal proceedings against the pair until it decides on the proper jurisdiction for the case.