International Art Moscow Fair to open wednesday

The majority of presented galleries are from Russian capital. Foreign galleries are also expected, including Albert Benamou Gallery from Paris, B&D Studio from Milan, Charim Gallery from Vienna, DNA Gallery from Berlin and the Xin Dong Cheng Gallery from Beijing.  The main objective of the fair not to sell works of art,   but to educate collectors in Russia, organizers say.

This year, the highlight is on video art.

``A new generation of Russian collectors is emerging,'' said Natalia Kolodzei, director of Kolodzei Art Foundation, a U.S.-based collection of post-1950s Russian art, with 7,000 works. ``Classical Russian art is too expensive; the avant-garde is too difficult to authenticate; and they realize contemporary art will one day be worth something and is a good investment.''

Most of the art on display will be Russian, including works by the AES group, Andrey Monastyrskiy, Olga Chernysheva, Oleg Kulik, Dmitriy Gutov and the Radek group, Vladislav Mamyshev- Monro, David Ter-Oganyan, Tatyana Dober and Vadim Zakharov, Bloomberg reports.