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Bloody clashes between police and protesters continue in Ethiopia's capital

Clashes between riot police and protesters erupted in gunfire Wednesday, with police killing at least six people as demonstrations against Ethiopia's disputed elections stretched into a second day, officials said.

Hundreds of heavily armed riot police were deployed in the capital as the sound of heavy machine-gun fire, rifle fires and loud explosions rocked Addis Ababa. The fighting spread across the city, reaching the embassies of Britain, France, Kenya, Belgium - all located in different parts of the capital.

At least 11 others were wounded in Wednesday's clashes, including a 7-year-old boy who was shot in the hip, doctors at the Black Lion Hospital said. The clashes occurred a day after eight people were killed and 43 wounded in opposition protests against the May 15 elections.

The violence flared up again after sporadic bursts of gunfire in parts of Addis Ababa late Tuesday and early Wednesday, hours after security officials arrested leaders and activists of the main opposition party.

Information Minister Berhan Hailu said the government was "sorry and sad" for violence he blamed on the main opposition party. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has accused the opposition of treason and committing "serious" crimes in the run-up to the May 15 elections, the AP reports.