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Police officer sentenced to death for ordering woman's murder

A former New Orleans policeman was sentenced to death again for ordering the murder of a woman who filed a brutality complaint against him.

Len Davis was convicted in 1996 of violating the civil rights of Kim Groves by having her killed. He was sentenced to death but that was thrown out on appeal. Earlier this year, a jury sentenced him to death for a second time.

U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan on Wednesday handed down Davis' sentence in Baton Rouge, where New Orleans federal courts moved after Hurricane Katrina.

"This case involved the murder of a citizen for filing a complaint against a police officer," prosecutor Jim Letten said in a statement. "Two juries have said loudly and clearly that this behavior will not be tolerated and will be punished in the most severe manner."

Davis acted as his own lawyer in the re-sentencing trial, arguing among other things that he was trying to trap Groves in a drug deal when she was killed coincidentally. He also claimed that he was suffering from job stress.

At the time of Groves' murder in October 1994, Davis was the target of an FBI drug sting that included a tap on his telephone. His call to a convicted hitman was recorded. So was his reaction to news that Groves had been shot.

Eleven police officers were convicted in the drug sting, including Davis, who got an additional sentence of life in prison, reports the AP.