Two underage girls steal cell phones and hide them in most intimate places of their bodies

Two Russian girls, Natalia and Maria were not prostitutes: short-term love affairs were absolutely usual for them; the girls did not even charge their clients. When the two friends experienced money shortage, they started stealing cellular phones from their men. Having left a sleeping and satisfied man in bed, the girls would sneak in a shower room, turn a stolen cell phone off, thrust it in their vaginas, put clothes on and leave. The inventive thieves would then sell the stolen phones in market places.

Maria and Natalia were earning their "phony" living in the Russian city of Kursk, in one of the city's hotels. Hotel guests were obviously not aware of the girls' passion for cellular phones. When one of the clients suspected Natalia of larceny, the girl immediately opened her purse, turned her pockets inside out and even offered the man to look for the phone that she had stolen herself. Needless to say that it did not even occur to the man that his phone was resting peacefully in the girl's most intimate body part.

Natalia was caught on account of her own carelessness. When she sold another phone to gypsies on a local market, she kept the SIM card, on which there was quite a large sum of money. The girl decided to use the chip for her own cell phone. When a victim of Natalia's robbery dialed his own cell number, he immediately recognized the girl's voice and made her confess the crime.

The man decided not to file a police report against the girls but preferred to value his secrecy. "There were a lot of respectable married men among the girls' clients, who wished not to expose their intimate affairs. In addition, the two girls are not even 18 years old, which means that their clients must be called into criminal account for liaisons with underage girls," a spokesman for a local police department said.

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