World's most beautiful women reveal their secrets

These beautiful women make men's hearts beat faster and leave other women envious of their beauty. What is the secret of their success and charm? Like many other women they were beautiful and smart, but each of them also had her own peculiarity. Was Homer's Helena as beautiful and alluring as Diane Kruger in "Troy?" Helen Smarty was said to have caused the Troy War. Hippocrates invented a special recipe that helped maintain beauty, and the invention was very popular in Ancient Greece.

In Homer's time, guests were offered to do ablution with further rubbing with aroma oils before they were offered to sit down to table. Poet Anacreon recommended rubbing chest and the region of heart with aroma, as he believed that pleasant smells were sedative. Epicure made aromas also very popular, as he stated they helped fight hard hangover.

The bust of the enigmatic pharaoh's wife Nofretete (supposedly living in 1367-1338 B.C.) reveals her wonderful and long neck. Nofretete cared so much for the neck; it is said she applied compresses with rare oils to her neck.

The wife of Pharaoh Akhnaton liked wigs and had a large collection of wigs. Women in Ancient Egypt had short haircuts like men and were wearing wigs to protect heads from hot sunrays. Egyptians considered hairy Asiatic men untidy and uncivilized.

People in Egypt loved fresh flowers and widely used them at feasts. Guests were wearing lotus garlands; goblets with wine were coiled around with crocus and saffron garlands; the floor and tables at feasts were strewed with fragrant flowers, and the flower scent mixed with incense.

Roman historian Plutarch wrote that "the beauty and complaisance of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra (lived in 69-30 B.C.) captivated Julius Caesar." Later, Marcus Antonius was also charmed with her beauty. Cleopatra regularly took a bath with warm jennet milk that made her skin soft and matt. Today, women can take a bath with one liter of cow milk to have nice skin.

Aromas and cosmetics were widely adopted in Ancient Egypt under Cleopatra. The wasteful queen widely used aromas. Aroma substances are good protection from epidemics of diseases. A legend says that some four robbers invented a recipe of aroma vinegar to rob dead and dying people during a plague epidemic in Marseilles and still remain healthy.

The beautiful diva of the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) was sure that gentlemen loved blonds and, being brown-haired, always dyed her hair with hydrogen peroxide. It was said that Marilyn purposefully made her heels shorter to make her step sexier. She said that Chanel #5 was the only thing she would wear being in bed with a man.

It was for about two decades that Elizabeth Taylor (born in 1932) was considered one of the world's most beautiful women. Men particularly loved her eyes. The actress applied violet shades under the lower eyelids and violet mascara to the ends of the lashes to emphasize her blue eyes.

Brigitte Bardot (born in 1934), who is sometimes called BB or Bebe, was a sex symbol of an entire epoch. People knew her by wasp-like waist, sexy lips and coiffure that was later called "a la Bardot." Everyday 10-minute physical exercises helped Bardot looked wonderful. The actress applied light lipstick on her sexy lips and finished the makeup slightly touching the lips with vaseline.

Superstars always look stunning in public. What are the secrets of their beauty?

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 34, always appears in public smiling. She says her teeth are white not thanks to some widely advertised toothpaste but because of strawberry. The actress brushes her teeth with strawberry at least once a week.

Cameron Diaz, 32, is suffering from acne that we cannot see thanks to her perfect makeup. The actress is forbidden to do aggressive peeling; she is rubbing her face with powdered milk every day to make the skin very soft.

Naomi Campbel, 34, says well-milled coffee is a wonderful thing to fight cellulitis. She rubs her hips with well-milled coffee once a week and then wraps her problem areas with foil.

Yasmina Filali, 29, follows Cleopatra's example and takes a bath with one liter of milk at least once a week. At that, her bath is never hotter than 38 degrees.

Christina Aguilera, 23, rubs her face with a raw potato and then sunbathes every day.

Goldie Hawn stays young with the aid of a cream normally used to shrink haemorrhoids. She rubs it under her eyes to get rid of puffiness.

Cindy Crawford, 38, applies a fresh potato to her eyelids before coming out, which helps her get rid of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. If nothing helps, Cindy puts on sunglasses. Ornella Muti, 48, loves a face pack made of kiwi. She recommends to add some honey and yogurt to kiwi mass, stir it up and apply to the face for 20 minutes.

Sandra Bullock, 38, believes the famous English saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" actually helps. So, Sandra rubs her face with fresh apple every day. Apple juice purifies the skin and improves epithelium cells.

Sophia Loren, 69, does not look her age and is still wonderful. Tomato is the secret of Sophia's beauty. The actress loves a face pack made of tomato with honey and olive oil. The face pack is effective when remains on the face for an hour.

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