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German penguins lead homosexual lives

The administration of the Bremen zoo in Germany decided to purchase four female penguins from Sweden to put an end to homosexual activities among local penguins. There are five penguin couples living in Bremerhaven Zoo - three of them turned out to be homosexual.

German zoologists were patiently waiting for several years for ten South-American penguins to start breeding. The endangered bird species arranged their "families" and copulated on a regular basis, but baby-penguins would not be born. One of the penguin couples tried to incubate a stone, taking it for an egg. German zoologists ran out of patience and took DNA samples from all penguins of the zoo. When the analyses were complete, specialists were surprised to discover that three of the five penguin couples were homosexual.

Specialists contacted their Swedish colleagues and ordered four females for the German zoo. Scientists, however, fear that the acquaintance between Bremen penguins and Swedish females might not be successful. Such incidents have already been registered before, when zoologists tried to separate homosexual penguin couples.

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