Ice restaurant in Russia's North serves ice-cold vodka and ice cranberries

The exotic restaurant titled "The 66th Parallel" was built in the city of Salekhard, the Far North of Russia, exactly on the geographical parallel. The little restaurant does not enjoy great popularity among local residents, although it is a great attraction for tourists. Everything is made of ice in the restaurant: tables, chairs and even the bar counter. The temperature inside is ten degrees below zero, that is why visitors have to sit there in their coats and hats. The most popular drink to order is vodka - it gives the body some warmth. One can order ice cranberries for dessert.

"The restaurant has become very popular among tourists. They can find a lot of exotic things here. The interior is decorated with deer-skin, which creates a peculiar odor in the restaurant. However, I have to say that it is hard for our clients to stay here long - it is too cold to sit, in spite of the fact that we put pillows on ice chairs," waiter Natasha said.

The majority of tourists say that they are not at all worried about the cold seating. They find it quite enjoyable to sit at ice tables, drink vodka and eat snacks. Some visitors drink too much to make themselves feel warmer, though. "On New Year's Eve, a drunk man decided to lick the ice wall. His tongue got stuck to the wall immediately. We had to help the guy pouring warm water on his tongue," Natasha said.

The restaurant can boast of having the one and only VIP guest - the former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. President Putin did not visit the ice restaurant when he visited the northern city of Salekhard in spring: the restaurant started melting.

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