Young girl wants to kill her lover, just to keep his BMW X5

Nastya Nasinovskaya was dating 40-year-old director of the Kremlyovski Trading House, Igor Lantsov, for almost a year. The girl was living in his house and had nothing to complain of. Igor was a loving man: he would give her $3,000 cash for minor expenses every month and buy jewelry. He even gave her a very expensive BMW X5. A humble provincial girl - a student, who came to study in Moscow - could travel to exotic resorts and hang out in Moscow's VIP night clubs.

The two lovers quarreled with each other from time to time, but there was nothing serious about those fights. Igor blurted out to Nastya during one of those fights that that he had spent almost $500,000 on her. The angry man also said that he would not make up with her bad temper for such money. Igor told his girlfriend that she would have to return all the gifts and leave, if she disliked something in him.

The statement became a disaster for the girl. She was ready to return all gold and diamond knick-knacks, but she did not want to say goodbye to the BMW. The girl decided to hire an assassin and kill the man: she believed that it would be the only way for her to keep the vehicle. She called a taxicab driver that she knew - the driver had a previous arrest record, and the girl thought that he would be a good killer. Nastya offered him the fee for killing her beloved man - $15,000 that she had stolen from Igor.

When she was handing over the advance payment and the victim's photograph to the driver, the man taped her voice. The cab driver turned out to be an enterprising person: he brought the tape to Igor and told him everything about his girl's intentions. Igor Lantsov went to the police and filed a report against her. The cab driver and the businessmen decided not to tell Nastya anything: they took a picture of Igor lying on the ground with blood flowing out of his head. They used ketchup instead of blood, though.

When the taxi driver showed the picture to Nastya, she believed it and paid the "assassin" the rest of the money. Police officers arrested the girl, when she was hading over a pack of money to the "killer."

However, when the girl was arrested, something hit the businessman. Igor could not make up with the idea of jailing his girlfriend. He hired most expensive lawyers for her and withdrew his report from the police. More importantly, he made Nastya a proposal and the girl accepted it.

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