Boris Yeltsin's wife Naina shares intimate secret with Hillary Clinton

The Polytechnical University of Ekaterinburg, at which Russia's first President Boris Yeltisn was a student, opened a room that was named in his honor. Boris Yeltsin's wife, Naina Yeltsin, cut the red ribbon at the opening ceremony.

Foreign tourists come to Ekaterinburg to visit the places, where Boris Yeltisn used to live, work and study. A "Yeltsin tour" costs $50. A guide shows a group of tourists the windows of the apartment, in which Yeltsin lived, the building, where he worked as the First Secretary of the Communist Party Committee in the Sverdlovsk region, the restaurant, where he dined. Tourists can also ride the Ekaterinburg metro, the building of which was launched during the Yeltsin's era. Foreigners can also see the major sightseeing of the tour - the granite tribune on Ekaterinburg's Central Square, from which Boris Yeltsin was waving his hand to columns of demonstrators. Finally, tourists can visit the university, where Boris Yeltsin studied and where he found his love.

Hillary Clinton became the person, who unveiled the intimate secret of Boris Yeltsin's first kiss his with his wife, Naina. When Hillary visited Ekaterinburg in 1998, Naina Yeltsin showed her a column in the lobby of the Ural Polytechnical University. Student Naina Girina was hiding behind that column when her boyfriend, Boris Yeltsin, kissed her for the first time. Foreigners find the story quite romantic: tourist couples ask someone to take pictures of them kissing near the column.

Yeltsin's school friends say that Naina Girina was not the first woman, who won the heart of the would-be Russian president. Boris Yeltsin was in love with another girl before - Valentina Sokolova - a beautiful blond, a skater, who did not answer his feelings. "Valentina had a boyfriend, her coach of skating. She probably explained everything to Boris. I do not know if he suffered about it - no one could notice that, at least. Valentina married the coach afterwards," Boris Yeltsin's friend, Yakov Olkov said. "Naina won his heart with her kindness and modesty," he added.

Boris Yeltisn does not forget his university. Straight-A students receive the special Yeltsin scholarship - 2,000 rubles every month. The former Russian president has recently given 20 computers to the department, at which he studied. The computers were installed in the room, which currently carries Boris Yeltsin's name.

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