Men lie about sex

Women's lies pale in comparison with men's lies, when it comes to sex. One may even distinguish hackneyed lies in the field. Below you can find most common examples of men's lies and specialists' comments about them.

"My sexual intercourse lasts for not less than 30 minutes." Russian medical experts conducted a research, which said that an average sexual intercourse of a healthy Russian man with a rich experience of sexual relations lasts for two minutes and 24 seconds.

"My dick is 25 centimeters long (about ten inches)." Penis has the average length of 13-14 centimeters for Asian males, 16-17 centimeters for European males and 19-20 centimeters for black males. Only about two percent of all men in the world can boast of having penises about 21-24 centimeters long, and only 0.03 percent of men have penises longer than 24 centimeters.

"I slept with my boss." Only 0.9 percent of men attempted to flirt with their female bosses both in Russia and Western Europe (the index is even lower in the US). About 0.2 percent of them succeeded and were lucky to spend some good minutes in bed. However, 80 percent of those lucky men were later fired from their jobs.

"I had sex with my lover's sister." Only 0.2 percent of men managed to tempt their lovers' sisters.

"I love having sex with two or three girls at once." This is so not true. Only four percent of men in Western countries had an experience of having fun with two ladies in bed. The majority of such occurrences happened with prostitutes' participation.

"A former hooker fell in love with me. She even quit her profession for me." Prostitutes are exposed to biological and psychological aspects. They would not be able to fall in love with a man for no reason - even if they wanted it a lot. Fame and money would be a very good reason, though. True love between a prostitute and her client has never been registered.

"You have been living together for quite a time, but you still do not know how to orgasm simultaneously? You're about to divorce!" Only 18 percent of married couples experience simultaneous orgasms on a regular basis (in 75-80 percent of cases).

Finally, American sociologists conducted an opinion poll among 52,000 young men of 19-23 years of age five years ago. Only one percent of them acknowledged their virginity. Men lie.

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