Crayfish clinches man's penis. The man ejaculates

A 23-year-old young man decided to take a nap lying in the shallow water of a stream in the woods. The day was rather hot, and it did not take the man long to fall asleep. The awakening, the Serbian newspaper Glas Javnosi wrote, was horrible - a crayfish clinched its pincers on the man's penis.

The poor guy failed to get rid of the animal and had to call an ER doctor for help. The young man had to survive several very unpleasant minutes. First of all, the clinch hurt, but it made the man's penis become erected too. When a female doctor touched the man's genitals to remove the stubborn crayfish, the man started ejaculating. Luckily, the quick operation had a happy ending: the guy still has his penis, although he cooked and ate the crayfish.

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