Two 'other' ways to release sexual energy

In addition to petting and masturbation, there are two other ways of sexual relief that teenagers use to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or if they want to have an orgasm, when a sexual intercourse is not possible due to certain circumstances. Those are a vestibular intercourse and an intercourse between the hips.

The vestibular sexual intercourse (from the word vestibu-lum - the threshold, the vestibule of vagina in this case) is usually practiced as a way to avoid the hymen rupture (if a girl is a virgin), or to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Penis is slightly squeezed between the vestibule of vagina and the pubis of a partner, with rhythmical motions until a male partner ejaculates.

The vestibular intercourse does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS. This kind of intercourse can be used in the event of a weak erection, when it is hard or impossible to go inside. A male squeezes his penis in his hand, rubbing it against the vestibule of the woman's vagina.

Some women might like the excitement: the vestibular intercourse involves women's strongest erogenous zones - the clit, small lips of pudendum, the vagina entrance.

An intercourse between the hips is a friction of a penis between the hips of a woman. This act is used for similar purposes as the vestibular intercourse - to preserve the hymen and avoid a pregnancy. Mucous membranes of the genitals do not contact each other in this case, but it is possible to catch certain sexually transmitted diseases anyway.

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