World's best bosom nominees! And the award goes to...

The majority of men all around the world, irregardless of their national or religious affiliation, admire women's breasts. Psychologists explain this phenomenon with the fact that men have the subconscious memory of their mother's bosom. There is absolutely no sexual association here.

Men's Health magazine conducted an opinion poll among European men in an attempt to find out, which woman has best breasts in the world. The majority of European males share the same opinion - Pamela Anderson's boobies rule!

According to European men, the perfect breast size is 96.3 centimeters, which is almost a meter. However, it turned out that this size can be found with Swiss women mostly - from 96 to 104 centimeters.

If Pamela Anderson comes first with her beauty and the breast, Janet Jackson would probably take the last position with her nice little nipple, which produced a global sensation. The last position for Janet would be politically correct from the American point of view. Men also like Jessica Simpson and Tara Reid, by the way.

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