60-year-old Chinese lady goes to toilet, but rambles around China instead

A female resident of a small Chinese village went to Shanghai to see her daughter. When the woman arrived in the city, she decided to answer a call of nature. The old lady needed to spend a penny during her walk on a crowded square in Shanghai.

Like millions of other provincial elderly Chinese, the lady had an accent, which differed from the official mandarin dialect. Furthermore, the woman could neither read, nor write. Because of her speech impediments, the woman had to spend several days outside. When she finally managed to reach a railway station, a ticket lady did not understand the woman and sold her a train ticket to an absolutely different town.

The woman spent several nights at a railway station of that town, until a kind-hearted salesman agreed to shelter her in his house. The man took the lady to a local police station, but the police did not understand the woman's dialect. They decided to send her to a center for homeless immigrants.

In the center, the woman was lucky to find a man from her own province. The man helped her contact the family. As it turned out, the relatives were looking for the lady for more than two weeks.

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