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Women's sexual character determined by shape of their pubic hair

Japanese professor Asaki Geino claims that the type of pubic hair a woman has affects her sexuality. He classifies women into five types, the most likely of which to be unfaithful being the type whose hair resembles the mouth of a river. "Usually female pubic hair grows in the form of an upside down triangle, but some women's is oblong or elliptical in shape," the professor explained. "It's not that rare for women with oblong-shaped pubic hair to fall in love at first sight or fall head-over-heels with passion. They also don't like sitting at home on their own. The combination of these characteristics causes men to go wild over them." The majority of eastern women have pubic hair that looks like an inverted triangle: "This type is characterized by faithfulness and fitness for family life. Women of this type are good mothers, faithful wives and caring daughters. I don't think I'm wrong when I say that precisely this type of woman helped Japan become the glorious country it is," Geino said triumphantly. There's no doubt the professor's findings are very interesting, but nevertheless they're impossible to apply in practice: the majority of women today wax their bikini line clean. Having said this, if a man has serious intentions, it might be worth his while asking to participate in the process in order to see what his future holds.