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'Pornogami' - the new Japanese invention

Origami is the Japanese art of using pieces of paper to create different objects, ranging from conventional figures of people and animals to those a bit more imaginative. Until now, however, no one has had the idea of using origami as a visual aid for teaching sexual positions. On the site, origami virgins can familiarize themselves with the beginner's missionary position, then move on to doggy style, and finally - for the most uninhibited - to the erstwhile hit of every era and nation - the "Bill and Monica" position. For every position there are diagrams of how to create the miracle of paper love in the bedroom. As a result, anyone who looks at the site will be able to please their Japanese friends by making a figure of a copulating couple with their own fair hands. And, if you give one of these works of art to your loved one as a present, complete with cut-up bits of photographs of your own body, you're not likely to be forgotten in a hurry.