Women's water polo team undress in the pool

It seems that women's water polo Olympic team has a congenital passion to undress the team of Kazakhstan. Moreover, they try to strip one and the same athlete.

A female Greek water polo athlete exposed Tatiana Gubina's bosoms to the whole world several days ago. A Greek woman ripped the swimsuit off her Kazakh rival as the fought during the water polo match.

Tatiana Gubina suffered again on Friday. This time she was sabotaged by Italy's Alexandra Araujo, who undressed Tatiana in the pool again.

One may classify such sexy occurrences as purely incidental occasions. However, the 'incidental occasion' has happened twice to one and the same athlete. Either the rivals enjoy taking her swimsuit off, of she provokes them to do so herself, unveiling the fascinating breasts to the whole world. It is not ruled out that it is a case of exhibitionism.

This version is not likely, though. Gubina has been practicing the water polo sport for a long time, and she has not been caught in such sexual divergence before. Apparently, foreign water polo teams like their Kazakh rivals. To crown it all, it is not only Tatiana Gubina. The captain of the Kazakh team, Asel Jakayeva, was stripped on Friday in the match with Italy.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team