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Porn makes you happy

A study carried out on Australian taxpayers' money has shown that pornography is good for you. Professor of psychology Alan McKey, who took a survey of more than 1000 internet porn users, says: "It came as a surprise to us that pornography is in actual fact a good thing in many ways. About 90 percent of pornography users who use it every day said that it produces a very positive effect." Porn lovers told the professor they had become "more relaxed about questions of sex", while family life took on a new edge, since pornography makes you think about your partner's pleasure and be more lenient about their body shape. "The more we try to make pornography a bad thing that should be kept away from the family, the more problems we have," said McKey. In answer to the question of whether the results of the study mean that children should watch porn, McKey said: "I think it all comes down to the question (to which there is no answer) of whether 16-year old teenagers can have sex." Nevertheless, local leaders of the organization Labor, which campaigns for the banning of pornography, say: "No man who regularly uses pornography can have a normal sexual relationship with a woman! The main question is: how much are we are prepared to pay in order to protect our children from the lure of pornographic images?" Of course, professor McKey is absolutely right: pornography teaches people greater openness in their sex life, and this is a big advantage. Giving children access to such images, however, is a disadvantage. Children should not be banned from using porn, but educated before they experience the shock of seeing what adults get up to together. And as to the claim that pornography causes irreversible damage to a man's psychological health, this is nonsense. In some African tribes, public copulation is the norm. And this hasn't stopped them from reproducing.