New video from Rammstein: Cannibalism and oral sex

Rammstein's new single Mein Teil (My Part) has become the most scandalous track of the year in Germany. The notorious band released the new single after three months of silence. The new song and the video to it attracted public attention immediately.

The shocking story of cannibal Armin Meiwes, who pleaded guilty to slaughtering and eating a 42-year-old Siemens engineer from Berlin in the spring of 2001, still inspires German artists. Rosa von Praunheim, a homosexual clip-maker with a woman's name, decided to make a video about the cannibal. The band decided to use the motive in their work.

The song lyrics can be translated as follows: "Today I am going to meet a man, who wants to eat me. The menu includes soft and hard body parts. You are the one who you eat, you know what it is. It is my part."

The video matches the lyrics. The 38-year-old singer Till Lindemann performs oral sex on an angel, then he plunges his teeth into his body and drags it aside. The video is filled with images of exhausted men in the background: some of them are motionless, others are seen wearing women's clothes, severing pieces of raw meat.

The new "artistic expression" from the German band provoked very active and tough discussions in the German press. Journalists tried to find out, to which extent it is normal to expose such a disgusting issue as cannibalism. MTV airs Rammstein's new video without any restrictions. German music channel Viva airs the video only after 8 p.m., when parents can control their children's television preferences. Psychologists think rock bands become an example for teenagers: children often identify themselves with rock stars they can see on TV.

Here is another piece of the song as translated into English: "A blunt knife is good and right. I am bleeding and it feels so good. Do I have to fight my weakness? I keep on eating in cramps."

Rammstein's singer Till Lindemann is known for his outrageous tricks during live shows. Performing an explicit song once, the singer unzipped his pants and took out a dildo. The cover of Rammstein's latest studio album Mutter (2001) depicts a dead embryo.

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