New type of man appears - a metrosexual

Strange feminine-looking men can be seen at times in the streets of large cities. Such cissy men are not homosexuals, although their manners and way of talking make them look like it. Straight men hardly ever talk about cosmetic and massage saloons, latest developments in cosmetology, anti-wrinkle cremes, clothes and fashion magazines. It is generally believed such subjects are interesting only for women. Yet, there is a category of modern men who have adopted what is traditionally perceived as feminine traits - metrosexuals.

Metrosexuals possess effeminate, homosexual and narcissistic characteristics. Such men have a peculiar esthetic perception of life and art. American journalist Mark Simpson concocted the term 'metrosexual' in 1994. Yet, it went into everyday use only two ears ago, when Simpson wrote about the phenomenon of a new type of men. According to the journalist, a typical metrosexual is a young man with good income, living in a metropolitan city. Indeed, metrosexual men visit best shops and boutiques and beauty saloons, they take care of their hairstyle and skin, trying to look as styling as possible. Their lifestyle is very reminiscent of women's way of living. Mark Simpson believes the phenomenon appeared due to economic reasons. The up-to-date consuming society needs new buyers; advertisers and manufacturers are eager to make modern men like shopping, make them buy their products and always wish for more. Other researchers think metrosexuality appeared as a result of feminist efforts. Women did their best to enjoy equal rights with men in the 20th century; they wanted to be like men. Now one can observe an opposite trend: men want to be like women, they want to examine women's habits and lifestyle. Modern women wear trousers and smoke cigarettes, some women do not pay much attention to their looks like men, they like to act and talk like men. Now it is men's turn to be in women's shoes.

The number of metrosexuals is growing. They are not numerous in Russia yet, but the situation is totally different in the USA, for example. More than a thousand American men between 21 and 48 years of age expressed their ideas in a recent opinion poll in the States. Only eight percent of American males said they would rather be famous and rich. Thirty-five percent said they wanted to live happily ever after with their families. Twenty-two percent said they just wanted to be happy fathers. Ten percent wanted to have good friends. Finally, 89 percent of American men said they wanted to look good and stylish. About a half of respondents said manicure and skin care is absolutely important for the image of modern and respectable man.

It goes without saying there is nothing wrong with a man willing to be good-looking and well-dressed. Nowadays it is possible to be a businessman and think about the beauty of nails and teeth. On the other hand, everything should have reasonable limits. It is nice for a man to wear stylish clothes and be neat about everything, but talking about cosmetic creams and spending time in beauty saloons and boutiques is something that goes beyond those limits. Yet, everyone is free to live to their own liking, male or female alike.

Metrosexual men enjoy popularity among women abroad. Many Russian politicians and businessmen have already become constant visitors to cosmetic saloons. Vladimir Zhironosky announced it on television - he takes care of his nails. Now Russian male VIPs are fond of plastic surgery, cell therapy and liposuction.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team