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Naked man found in Moscow's center

Police officers found a naked man in the center of Moscow on Thursday. According to the information received from law-enforcement agencies, officers saw a man walking along Gogolevsky Boulevard naked at 4:15 a.m. The man was totally nude, he did not even have his underpants on.

The man started running away from the officers when he saw them approaching. The chasing did not last long: all of a sudden the man started climbing a tree. He climbed up like a monkey, sat on a branch ten meters above and ground and started giggling.

Police officers did not risk following him up on the tree. They called a fire brigade instead. When firemen arrived, they offered the weird man to go down on the ground. Apparently, the man liked the idea of being rescued by firemen, so he agreed. When his bare feet touched the ground, he did not show any resistance and gratefully accepted trousers from a fireman. The man was taken to a police station and then sent to a mental hospital.