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Surgeon goes furious and cuts his patient's penis

A Romanian citizen is intended to sue the doctor, who seriously damaged his penis during an operation. The incident took place in one of Bucharest hospitals. The surgeon was supposed to perform a testicle-lowing operation. He incidentally cut the urethra, lost his temper and lacerated the patient's penis into several pieces.

The doctor will have to go on trial at any case. He has been charged with causing severe bodily injury and criminal negligence. If the surgeon is found guilty, he will have to spend up to two years in jail.

The 34-year-old patient claimed he had become 30 years older because of such an awkward operation. The man's life changed completely, but he only needed to have his testicle lowered.

The patient is still at hospital. His doctors say it will take him four months to retrieve the urinating function of the genitals. Unfortunately, it is impossible to retrieve the sexual function.