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Lessons of sex taught at Chinese kindergartens

Children of Chinese kindergartens in the south of the country study sexual behavior. Teachers hope, the earlier kids learn about masturbation and sexual intercourse, the better they will behave when they grow and turn to adults. Such classes, Chinese teachers say, will help them avoid sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy.

The department of education in the Chinese city of Guangzhou started realizing the experiment to teach lessons of sexual health at city’s educational institutions. Sexual behavior between man and woman will be taught at primary and secondary schools, Xinhua news agency reported with reference to China Daily newspaper. Children of several kindergartens in Guangzhou will also learn where they came from and how their life actually started.

For the time being, the experiment involves 15 secondary, 13 primary schools, and 13 kindergartens. The local administration of education has already published a textbook about sex for them. The book teaches the human anatomy, touches upon such intimate questions as masturbation and informs local teens about subtle points of sex as it is. However, it was not specified, how the textbook would be used in kindergartens.