In China, 200,000 cockroaches can live in one house

The Beijing police found about 200,000 cockroaches in the house of a single widower. The Chinese man kept disgusting insects as pets. As it became known, a neighbor of the cockroach-loving man incidentally looked into the window and saw cockroaches swarming on the floor of the room. The house was rather small - only 20 square meters. There were about 10,000 cockroaches crawling on every square meter. During the interrogation the Chinese pensioner said breeding cockroaches became his hobby after his wife's death. The man claimed it was a consolation for him.

The police called the sanitary service. It took the service about two hours to exterminate the "cutest pets" and to disinfect the pensioner's house. Nothing was reported on how they counted the insects.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team